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A new blog post about the Montabert Hc158rp drifter catalog & Hc158rp Parts

Montabert is a french company which manufactures hydraulic drilling equipment for construction, mining and quarry industry. Montabert’s product range contains hydraulic drifters, hydraulic breakers, equipment for mining, quarrying, civil works and pneumatic equipment. In this post, we will examine content of Montabert Hc158rp drifter which is mostly used in Australia, Zambia, Canada, Chile, et cetera. Montabert spare parts for Hc158rp drifter; A – Percussion Part – Montabert – Partie Frappeur B – Central Part – Montabert – Partie Centrale C – Hydraulic Stop – Montabert - Butee Hydraulique D – Front Part – Montabert – Partie Avant                         See more at: http://www.onsamak.com/blogd-montabert-hc158rp-drifter-catalog-hc158rp-parts-3.html
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