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Agreement with two famous drilling and blasting contractors
Agreement with two famous drilling and blasting contractors from Saudi Arabia Onsamak Machinery LTD. reached an agreement with two most famous drilling and blasting contractors from Saudi Arabia in september 2015. According to agreement, Onsamak Machinery LTD. will manufacture drifter spare parts for Atlas Copco, Sandvik and Furukawa and fulfil the needs on a monthly base. Beginning from 2016, Onsamak Machinery LTD. plans to dominate the middle eastern market. Dedicated to this wish, Onsamak Machinery LTD. will visit the most famous mining companies and drilling & blasting contractors in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Oman in 2016. Delivery of the spare parts to Saudi Arabia accomplished in October 15. The boxes which weight more than 1,985 lbs has been delivered to Istanbul Port.   The boxes placed carefully on the truck haulage   The boxes which weight more than 1,985 lbs has been delivered to Istanbul Port ... Details
Benefits the usage of high quality drifter spare parts
 In this post, we will mention the benefits  the usage of high quality drifter spare parts. It is the fact which is known by hydraulic drifter owners that the genuine drifter spare parts are so expensive. Therefore, the hydraulic rock drill rig owners are in search of high quality spare parts with the reasonable prices. It is an understanding thing that top hammer owners and operators generally know that Chinese and South Korean products have the lowest quality in hydraulic drifter spare parts section. On the other hand, these products have the lowest prices by comparison with Turkey, France and South Africa.  First of all, need to know that following sections have the vital importance; Material usage of spare parts Technical analyses which are provided by manufacturer Providing durability test Usage of the right and quality materials increases the working hour of the spare part. Parts with accurate tolerances ensure consistent operation throughout the rock drill life ti... Details
Atlas Copco Roc T45 field test by Onsamak Machinery
The Onsamak Machinery team was on the field this weekend to test Atlas Copco FlexiROC T45. Our operators made basic tests for Atlas Copco’s new giant and we proud to share it with our visitors and customers.   Having the machine in the quarry was a good opportunity to get know a different type of drill rig. Over all it was a very nice surprise. We think it went very well. What's new in the FlexiROC T45 is that we have a completely different control system for pump unloading and air control. And above all, that saves fuel. The equipment is controlled electronically. And as such, it means we can make almost instantaneous adjustments to the situation on the ground. This rig constantly senses the ground it's drilling and adjusts itself accordingly. It's a flexible machine. It can drill on an easy quarry, but can be moved if it encounters problems such as sand pockets and other types of problems. The whole idea behind this rig is that adapts to the demands. It has a compressor that suppli... Details
Atlas Copco Jumbo Rocket Boomer Specifications & Spare Parts
In this post, we will mention the specifications of underground drill rigs Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer 104, Rocket Boomer 281, Rocket Boomer 282, Rocket Boomer L2C, Rocket Boomer L2C 2B, Rocket Boomer L3 C, Rocket Boomer L3C 2B, Rocket Boomer M2 C, Rocket Boomer S1L, Rocket Boomer WL3C, Rocket Boomer XL3C. As you can see clearly from the specification sections that main atlas copco hydraulic drifter model is Cop1838 ME and Cop1838 HF for the drill rigs. We recommend you to also visit our drifter spare parts gallery which you can find Atlas Copco Cop1838ME and Cop1838HF spare parts.  Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer 104 Spare Parts & Specifications   Main Specifications Rock drill 1 x COP 1838ME Feed 1 x BMH 2825 - BMH 2837 Boom 1 x BUT 4 Drilling system DCS Length 9710 mm (with BMH 2831) Width 1220 Height 1985 mm (2685 mm roof up) Turning radius 2539/4400 mm Weight 12500 kg Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer 281 Spare Parts & Specifications   Main Specifications Rock drill 1 x CO... Details
Montabert Hc158rp drifter catalog & Hc158rp Parts
Montabert is a french company which manufactures hydraulic drilling equipment for construction, mining and quarry industry. Montabert’s product range contains hydraulic drifters, hydraulic breakers, equipment for mining, quarrying, civil works and pneumatic equipment. In this post, we will examine content of Montabert Hc158rp drifter which is mostly used in Australia, Zambia, Canada, Chile, et cetera. Montabert spare parts for Hc158rp drifter; A – Percussion Part – Montabert – Partie Frappeur B – Central Part – Montabert – Partie Centrale C – Hydraulic Stop – Montabert - Butee Hydraulique D – Front Part – Montabert – Partie Avant                                  PERCUSSION PART PARTIE FRAPPEUR 86374030 1 Montabert Body Corps 86385135 1 Montabert Body Corps 86385119 1 Montabert Body including : Corps comprenant : 86264678 1 Montabert ( Helicoil thread UNF 3/4” ( Filet hélicoïl UNF 3/4” 86374055 3 Montabert Cover Couvercle 86376191 3 Montabert O’ring Joint torique 866340... Details
Atlas Copco Cop1238 Technical Information - Catalog Pages & Cop1238 Spare Parts
In this post, we will mention the technical details and equipment of Atlas Copco Cop1238 drifter. Atlas Copco Boomer H 175, Atlas Copco Roc D3, Atlas Copco Roc D5, Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer H 104-38, Atlas Copco Roc 542 Hp, Atlas Copco 612 HC, Atlas Copco Roc 812 Hcs, Atlas Copco Roc 722 Hc, Atlas Copco 642 Hc, Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer 281 are equipped with Cop1238 drifter.     Atlas Copco Cop1238 Spare Parts Pièces de rechange Cop1238 Stück für Cop1238 Repuestos de Cop1238 Bergborrmaskin for Cop1238               Front Head Partie avant Frontteil  Cuerpo delantero     3115 0286 00   Dome Nut Ecrou borgne     Hutmutter Tuerca ciega       Kupolmutter 3115 0287 00   Washer Rondelle Unterlegscheibe Arandela Bricka 0147 1401 03   Screw  Vis Schraube Tornillo Skruv (M6S 12x30 Fzb) ... Details
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