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Atlas Copco Roc T45 field test by Onsamak Machinery

The Onsamak Machinery team was on the field this weekend to test Atlas Copco FlexiROC T45. Our operators made basic tests for Atlas Copco’s new giant and we proud to share it with our visitors and customers.
Having the machine in the quarry was a good opportunity to get know a different type of drill rig. Over all it was a very nice surprise. We think it went very well. What's new in the FlexiROC T45 is that we have a completely different control system for pump unloading and air control. And above all, that saves fuel. The equipment is controlled electronically. And as such, it means we can make almost instantaneous adjustments to the situation on the ground. This rig constantly senses the ground it's drilling and adjusts itself accordingly. It's a flexible machine. It can drill on an easy quarry, but can be moved if it encounters problems such as sand pockets and other types of problems. The whole idea behind this rig is that adapts to the demands. It has a compressor that supplies just the right amount of air. In earlier models, the valve always put a full load on the compressor and this is turn used up  more fuel. This new machine is much quieter. The operator's environment is nicer. We think it's easier to use than the previous model. When the trial began, we were experiencing temperatures of around 40 degrees and more. The equipment, Atlas Copco FlexiROC T45, did its job without any problems even at those high temperatures. The ergonomics of this rig are better because the joysticks are placed near to us. We can perform more than one function at a time and engage the feed, the bit rotation and the air. The reduced fuel consumption is part of the whole idea of the FlexiROC T45. This particular rig has a Tier 4 engine. The fuel consumption is considerably lower than the preceding model.
Atlas Copco Drill Parts

There's a lever you must use to select boom or drill mode. We feel that this has become a little bit dodgy perhaps. But apart from that, the controls all feel very well thought out. We feel it's a major success. We have taken a great leap forward. We joked with Atlas Copco's sales team. We said that
if they wanted to, they could leave the FlexiROC T45 here and take five machines back. It would be good for everyone.
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